About me

HI I’M BordoȘ Peter Codruț

Born on September 25, 1994, in Romania, Sibiu County. Graduated from plastic and decorative arts studies – painting, VISUAL ARTS profile.

Professing and excelling through the work and techniques I have acquired in years of work and study.

Always in continuous improvement and development, which is reflected in my works and art creations.

I could say that my work in the world of art started from a very young age, practically from the moment I first put my hand on a pencil or a brush, or any other tool that I could use to transpose my emotions, thoughts and ideas.

The first painting sold was at the age of 14, thus continuing to develop in terms of my career as an artist.

I am a dedicated person in what I do and I believe that talent is inherited, not learned.

But in order to unleash your talent, you need to learn, that’s the only way you can polish this talent.


   Contemporary plastic artist, mastering a very wide range of artistic techniques such as: Pastel drawing technique, Acrylic and oil painting techniques, Pencil, charcoal or ink drawing technique, Modeling technique, Graphic techniques, Mixed techniques, and so on.

   Different styles of approach in paintings such as: Abstract art, realism, photorealism, picterly, hyperrealism, surrealism, cubism, Pop Art, and so on.


   During my studies, I participated in national and international competitions, obtaining excellent results in the following competitions: I obtained diplomas with special merits in Arts and Plastic Education, “Plastic Representation”, in the framework of the “Mihai Eminescu” competition, the International Competition “N.N. Tonitza” Barlad – XIV Edition, International Competition “N.N. Tonitza” Barlad – XV Edition, Hans Hermann National Fine Arts Competition.

   My participation in these competitions contributed a lot to my artistic development, succeeding every time to overcome my condition, being a success in honing my talent.

   The situation at the professional skills certification exam held at the Art High School, the practical test and the support of the specialized work of the exam obtaining marks/qualification: 10 (ten).

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